SPMT Voyager

Lowest (only 42 cm hight) self propelled modular transporter (SPMT) width track drive system in the world. It is created to move loads without limitation of weight and size.

SPMT Voyager

Crawler drive

With its very powerfull track drive, this SPMT modular transporter can move very heavy weights and work on inclined planes.


Fully modular, several identical modules can be joined together to match with any weight and size of goods to be transported.

Unlimited steering

Voyager can move in any direction due to the different types of steering regardless of the number and position of modules.

Fully hydraulic

Voyager is driven by a high-efficiency motor-pump hydraulic system to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

What is Voyager?

Voyager is a patented low profile industrial Self propelled modular transporter (SPMT) for moving loads without limitation in weight and size, fully modular and with a powerful track drive. It was developed to move loads without limitation in weight and size. Fully modular and with a powerful track drive.

This transport platform is composed by joining together several modules that are identical to each other, depending on the weight and size of the object to be moved.

The minimum configuration consists of 4 modules and a “Power Pack” control unit, allowing loads of up to 140 tons to be handled (35 tons each modul). The modules are connected to each other with transverse and longitudinal tie bars. Each self-propelled trolley can also work without joining bars, in which case the load itself will be the rigid connecting/joining element between the modules.

SPMT Yoyager - self-propelled trolley for heavy loads
SPMT Voyager

Works on straight, uneven floors and up to 5% side height difference

SPMT Voyager

Overcomes slopes of up to 5% with maximum load

SPMT Voyager

Can overcome inclines of up to 22%

SPMT Yoyager

Power Pack

The Voyager modular transporter Power Pack is powered by batteries but can also be made with an endothermic motor or 380/400-volt line current. This unit include all the hardware for operate all the function on the Voyager.

SPMT Yoyager


The minimum configuration of this self-propelled industrial trolley consists of 4 modules (35 ton capacity each) and a “Power Pack.” Capacity may be increased by adding additional modules and «Power Pack»

Some examples of possible configurations

SPMT Yoyager
SPMT Yoyager
SPMT Yoyager
SPMT Yoyager
SPMT Yoyager


Voyager can move in any direction thanks to different types of steering. This system is managed by a PC that allows any kind of configuration regardless of the number and position of modules relative to the object to be transported.

Steering possible:

  • front axle (car)
  • rear axle (forklift)
  • Countersteering (both front and rear but with corrected vault)
  • Diagonal up to 90° (crab-all axes in the same direction)
  • carousel (rotation on itself)
SPMT Voyager Steering
Frontal axis
SPMT Voyager Steering
Rear axle
SPMT Voyager Steering
Counter steering
SPMT Voyager Steering
SPMT Voyager Steering

Application examples

Handling injection molding machine weighing 90 tons

Handling dryer sections 12 meters long, weight 80 tons

Transformer handling, weight 90 ton

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Voyager is a machine with the lowest track drive in the world created to move loads with no limits on weight and size. The most low profile self propelled modular transporter (SPMT).

SPMT Voyager

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