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Custom solutions

In addition to standard models, we design and manufacture tailor-made machines to transport heavy loads in confined spaces, where every inch counts.

Practical solutions for any need

Our know-how, combined with many years of experience in the world of industrial handling, enables us to provide practical solutions for any requirement.

Сlient: A car manufacturer

Request: Automate the handling of a piece of equipment weighing 6.000 kg that requiring 7 people working and 4 hours time.

Problem: The maneuvering space was extremely small, unsafe and without escape routes.

Solution: Therefore we developed a special radio-controlled handling system that is only 130 mm tall. A system with full automation of every process. Now it only takes three person and 30 minutes to do the whole job safely and easily.

Сlient: A manufacturer of oil and gas equipment

Request: Upgrade the assembly line of 30-tonne compressors to 50-tonne models without any civil work.

Problem: Insert and remove the frame in the assembly line without masonry work.

Soluzione: We designed a special frame which upgraded the production line without any civil work, using the same number of people and the same workstations. This frame can be inserted and removed from the assembly line.

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Do you need to move a heavy and/or complex load?
We make several "tailor-made" designs to carry heavy loads in tight spaces where every inch is relevant.

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Custom solutions