Apollo Industry

It is a new “pick and carry” machine that is perfectly suited to various handling needs in the corporate environment.

Apollo industry

Maximum flexibility in tight spaces

The Apollo INDUSTRY system is a new pick-and-carry machine that is perfectly suited to the various handling needs in the production industry environment.

This system, in line with Mouvers’ other machines, is inspired by the modularity of the individual parts, allowing our customers to create the system to their needs in a very simple way by using the most suitable accessory.

The FST INDUSTRY self-propelled and steerable skate is equipped with a lifting and coupling system that can be attached to any object already fitted with wheels. Similar to a truck fifth wheel it can be connected to Mouvers handling systems such as low bed platforms with a lifting height of only 250 mm and available in various widths and lengths. It can as well be connected to the Transpallet which forks have a minimum loading height of 150 mm and can be adjusted to suit the size of your goods to be handled.

Like the entire Apollo trolley series, this machine is equipped with Mouvers soft wheels with all-wheel drive to have the right balance of grip and smoothness and ensure grip and safety even on slight inclines.

The INDUSTRY self propelled skate has very compact dimensions: height of the loading platform is only 170 mm, load capacity of 6 or 12 tonnes on itself, and maximum total mass of 18 or 36 tonnes.

Can be connected to Apollo battery power packs or 400VAC power pack.

Radio control for all functions and manual emergency controls.

Technical Data

 Model Industry 6 Industry 12
Lifting stroke of pick up plate
170 mm 170 mm
Payload on support plate 6 ton 12 ton
Gross weight 18 ton 36 ton
Lifting stroke of pick up plate 40 mm 40 mm
Working speed, depending on power pack Max:
24 mt / min
12 mt / min

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