Who we are

Mouvers is a company specializing in the production of innovative machinery for moving heavy loads. It was founded on experience in machinery handling combined with a passion for mechanics.

This mix has resulted in innovative solutions designed to solve real problems encountered in the world of industrial handling.

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Our Story

Bettella truck crane

Born from Experience

Max is 11 years old and is locked in his room, while the world outside is running fast. In his left hand he holds a sandwich that his mother had prepared for him, and in his right hand a pen. He has to finish his homework soon so that he can go out and help his father and brother with their work.

His father Marino Bettella, together with his brother Paolo, transports and delivers industrial machinery. Almost every day, partly out of passion and partly because he belongs to the family, Max helps prepare the trucks for the next day’s work, even during holidays.

Once completed his technical studies, Max began to work in the family business and the effort he had seen in his father he now felt in his own skin. One day, his old idea suddenly comes to mind: moving machinery as easily as driving a radio-controlled toy car.

While his friends are out having fun, Max prefers to get his hands dirty in the workshop for whole weekends, working on something revolutionary.

The challenge seemed insurmountable.


But after several months, he came up with the solution:
he invented an extraordinary machine and named it APOLLO.

Grown by passion

Massimo can’t believe his eyes: he has no longer to come home tired from work and neither do his family and co-workers, the time saved in carrying out the work and the physical effort avoided, give an invaluable advantage.

After 3 years of testing and continuous improvement, Massimo decided to patent Apollo Machinery skates and mass produce it to help other heavy transport companies.

Così, nel 2001 fonda l’azienda Mouvers Srl che non smette più di crescere creando nuovi modelli come SPMT Voyager per diverse situazioni di lavoro.

Massimo Bettella
founder of Mouvers Srl

Massimo Bettella

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