12 ton Electric Pallet jack

This motorized pallet jack has large telescopic forks that can be positioned at various widths to fit the object to be moved.

Fits any width and length

Born to adapt

Aiming to providing our customers with the opportunity to make the most of their investment in the Apollo system, Mouvers has designed and manufactured a new attachment to be coupled to its machines. This allows new business to be acquired with only the integration of the Transpallet system to the Apollo machinery moving skids already in place.

The electric powered pallet truck is a system with large extendable forks that can be positioned at various widths to suit the object to be handled.


This electric pallet mover is powered directly from Apollo’s Power Pack and controlled by the same radio control unit. If the customer already has an Apollo machine, he simply needs to purchase the Transpallet attachment and connect it to begin working with it!

The Transpallet works with all Apollo PowerPacks , it can handle weights up to 12 tonnes and lift them 130mm.

Technical Data

Self propelled unit FST 8 o FST 15
Loading capacity 12 ton
Forks height 152 mm
Single fork width 192 mm
Forks lifting stroke 130 mm
Minimum o/a width 1.192 mm
Maximum o/a width 2.092 mm
Minimum forks length 2.627 mm
Maximum forks length 3.827 mm
traspalelt Apollo

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