Hydraulically compensated rear steerable trolleys for maximum flexibility when maneuvering in tight spaces

Maximum flexibility in tight spaces

To give you maximum flexibility when manoeuvring in tight spaces, we have developed hydraulically compensated rear steerable trolleys.

This type of heavy-duty handling trolleys allows you to move the transported machinery in any direction, regardless of the position of the available support points.

The RTS 15 and RTS 30 are the world’s first hydraulically steering rear rollers with hydraulic load compensation; very useful when used with the 4-point support system.

The wheels of the RTS trolleys are made of PRO-LOAD polymer, same as used on the RT rear trolleys.

The load support plate, with threaded holes, allows securing the load for maximum safety.

The wheels and the entire suspension device are assembled on tilting supports, for even distribution of the load.

The steering angle up to 45° to allow maximum flexibility in movement.

Steering is controlled directly by the Apollo power pack via a dedicated third hydraulic line.

The whole Apollo set up with RTS rear rollers is controlled through the radio remote control of the power pack.

Hydraulic compensation for 4-point operation

RTS rollers can be used in conjunction with TwinSet front set-up to realize a 4-point support system with all steering units. This means a significant increase in manoeuvrability, load capacity and safety.

To compensate for differences in ground flatness, an hydraulic piston with a stroke of 30 mm is installed in the centre of each RTS roller. This system helps keeping all four units in contact with floor, just as trailers and semi-trailers with hydraulic suspension do.

When using the classic 3-point ground system, the compensation system can be disabled.

2 models available: RTS 15 & RTS 30

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