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A Machinery Moving Skate with electric drive and loading height of only 15.5 cm to handle loads up to 25,000 kg

230V electric drive

Mono-phase 230V power supply, max 12A absorption, with Marechal socket.

Reduced weight and size

Reduced size and weight of only 110kg allow it to be loaded even into a normal car or van.

Remote control

Thanks to the radio control, only one person is needed to do all the handling work.

Agile and fast

Compact size and very high maneuverability allow work to be done even in tight spaces.

What is Explorer?

Explorer is a newborn in Mouvers family, with full electric power and drive and only 155 mm loading height.

This machine was developed to be able to work even on lightly uneven pavements and very small slopes.

Its reduced size and weight, allows to store it in a small place underneath the body of your truck crane, leaving the platform free to load the machinery to be transported.

Explorer Mouvers


To achieve the best grip/smoothness ratio, Explorer’s wheels are made of PRO-GRIP polymer and matched with polyamide wheels.

All-wheel drive

Traction is fully all-wheel drive and proportionally adjustable by remote control.

Power supply

Machine controls are easy to reach and remain on the axis of the transported machinery to prevent kinking of the feed wire.


Maximum safety is ensured by a unique traction control system to be able to handle loads on gentle slopes.

Technical Data

  • Single-phase 230V power supply, max 12A absorption, with Marechal socket
  • Thermal-magnetic safety circuit breaker inside cabinet
  • Radio control / wire control with automatic restart impediment
  • Verified safety circuit
  • Ignition key
  • Led for reporting machine states
  • SIL 3-certified emergency stop button
  • Machine designed for SIL 2 safety requirements
  • Proportional control joystick for full control and safety machine operation
Travel speed max: 6.5 m/min
Pick up capacity 10 ton
Max total towable capacity 25 ton
Loading surface height 155 mm
Transport dimensions 620 x 870 x h 250 mm
Machine size at work 690 x 1100 x h 155 mm
Overall weight 110 kg

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Explorer – a machine with electric traction and loading height of only 15.5 cm to move loads up to 25,000 kg

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