TwinSet System

A system for moving heavy loads that need 4 points of support

Classic set up with 3 support points

TwinSet featuring 4 support points

To move flexible loads, distribute the weight evenly or simply to relocate support points, it is often necessary to operate a system on 4 supports.

The TwinSet system allows you to connect 2 FST powered skates together and control them from just one power pack and radio control.

By adding a pair of RT trolleys or RTS steering trolleys at the rear, the 4-support points system is realized.

Thanks to the modularity of the heavy-duty handling trucks, we can then use 2 self-propelled FST8 or FST15 heads with a TWINSET linkage device that allows both control from one control unit and synchronous steering.

This system is currently available for the FST8 and FST15 self-propelled trucks, and can be powered and controlled by all PowerPacks and

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