What you should consider before investing your money in heavy-duty machinery moving equipment?

1. Versatility

Does the machine you are evaluating have to perform several different jobs, in confined spaces and under difficult conditions?

2. Power

Do you need to move heavy loads over uneven floors and over various obstacles such as grates, holes or door rails?

3. Driving on slopes

Would you like to handle heavy loads on ramps or slopes without the aid of a forklift truck and safely?

4. Safety

Would you like to keep your employees safe so as to avoid any risk of injury due to handling?

5. Modularity

Would you like to have a machine that can be easily upgraded into a more powerful and versatile one in the future?

If you answered YES to at least 3 questions, then you need an extremely reliable, powerful and modular tool that can save you time, resources and safely perform different types of handling!

The only solution you can find on the market that meets all these standards is Mouvers.

3 models for every moving requirement

Electric drive


(For loads up to 20 tons)


Exploreris a new machine that combines Mouvers product quality with electric drive to move heavy equipment till 20 ton.

Its reduced size and weight, allows to store it in a small place underneath the body of your truck crane, leaving the platform free to load the machinery to be transported.

Hydraulic drive


(For loads up to 75 tons)

Apollo is remote control machinery skates with hydraulic drive for moving heavy equipment. Fully modular and configurable to suit any situation of use. Fully modular and configurable to suit any situation of use.

It can be set-up in 3 or 4 support points, even with powered steering rear rollers.

Crawler drive


(with no limits in weight and size)

Voyager is an SPMT (Modular Self-Propelled) with the lowest track drive in the world created to move loads without limits of weight and size.

Fully modular, several identical modules can be joined together to match with any weight and size of goods to be transported.


Why the Mouvers solution?

Mouvers machines were developed to solve real industrial handling problems encountered by all companies involved in heavy machinery moving.

We fully understand the needs and requirements of the industry because we have worked for more than 30 years in the field of transportation and installation of machine tools and various kinds of industrial machinery.

For this reason, we have created state-of-the-art systems that make all operations related to the handling, moving and positioning of heavy machinery easier, faster and, above all, safer.

Our solutions can be used in any sector: industrial handling, machine tool assembly and handling, energy, aerospace, shipbuilding, nuclear…

Some examples of application

heavy-duty Machinery Moving Skates

Company: Mar.An. Transervice

Richiesta → Move one bending press on a shop with poor floor, tight space and only 160 mm clearance from ceiling.

Soluzione → With his Machinery Moving Skates Apollo, customer has been able to drive the press out of the building with high precision (at a certain point the ceiling clearance was reduced to 20 mm), safely and timely. Pro-grip wheel perfectly managed the uneven floor. Pro-grip wheel perfectly managed the uneven floor.


Company: Groupe Cayon

Request → Position an 80 tons transformer to its final position by moving it through a narrow walkway with a floor gradient of 5 degrees.

Soluzione → Using the SPMT Voyager, only 420 mm loading high, with adjustable suspension and extremely small dimensions (5 x 2.3 metres), the whole job was completed in few hours.

heavy-duty Machinery Moving Skates

Company: BOVIS Transport

Richiesta → Handling medical machines and equipment inside hospitals clean rooms where it is not possible to use equipment contaminated with hydraulic oil.

Soluzione → We developed a unique electrically powered model with active braking system. Thanks to its extreme maneuverability the job was carried out in a very short time without any risk of contamination.

heavy-duty Machinery Moving Skates

Company: ERIC KURZ Spezialtransporte

Required → Unload machinery directly from the truck loading ramps and drive to the designated area, without the use of a crane.

Solution → Thanks to our special control system, the operator was able to drive its Apollo down on the trailer ramps No need for crane.