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Our vocation and our commitment to innovation lead us to search for effective solutions in  handling systems, with exclusive features, to provide our customers cutting-edge equipment to perform in every working situation.


Thanks to the experience gained in the field of transport and installation of heavy machinery, we have the competence to create systems that make all the operations related to the handling and positioning of machinery easier, faster and above all safe.


Elements of the system can be connected to each other to give great freedom of configuration and to create the ideal equipment for the present handling needs and still ready for the future, preserve  its value over time.

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Innovation our Passion!

Mouvers srl designs and manufactures special systems for heavy industrial handling. Our equipments, electro-hydraulic, are extremely innovative, conceived and developed within our company to meet the most varied needs in handling heavy loads. Each machine can be assembled by choosing the components within a modular system, Apollo System 2.0 to obtain the most appropriate features. Industrial handling, assembly and movement of machine tools, energy, aerospace, naval and nuclear sectors are some of the areas in which our machines work successfully.

Mouvers systems, born from experience, grew out of passion!

mouvers from 2001…


Mouvers systems: born from experience, grew out of passion!

From 60th years of experience in the field of transport and installation of heavy machinery, the idea was born to create systems that can facilitate the movement and introduction of the same in the installation places that may be cramped environments with damaged floors or difficult to manage .

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system for handling industrial heavy loads

Apollo System 2.0

Moving easy

Modular handling system that accompanies the growth of your company! Assembled with a control unit and self-propelled modular dollies, it allows a remote control to direct the load where it is desired, in a simple and safe way.

Voyager system

The right track

Handling system for heavy industrial loads, unique in the world, completely modular, Based on a modular crawler bogies. Can be set in multiple units in accordance with the capacity needed, for this features The Voyager has the highest size/capacity ratio: a World record!!


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Keep updated on our products in this section, we will give important news on the development of new technologies, modules and accessories that implement the use of our machinery.


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