Battery powered machine skates Apollo

Is an heavy-duty Machinery Moving Skates width remote control designed to move loads up to 75,000 kg easily, quickly and safely

roller skids heavy machine movers

Powerfull hydraulic traction

Apollo Power Pack guarantees very high pulling power to overcome all classic obstacles and work safely.

Overcomes obstacles

Ramps, gate rails, grates, cross channels, or uneven pavement will no longer be a problem!

Remote control

It only takes one person to move and positioning your heavy machinery without the need for forklift.

Elastic wheels

Durable “PRO-GRIP” elastic polymer non-marking wheels distribute pressure evenly, reducing it by 8 to 12 times.

What is the Apollo system

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Apollo is a remote-controlled heavy-duty rollers for moving equipment designed to simplify industrial handling work by overcoming all common obstacles. Compared to classic machinery moving skates with Apollo you will be able to overcome all common obstacles such as ramps, gate rails, grates, cross channels or uneven pavements without forklift.

The Apollo system consists of three roller dollies arranged in a triangle on which the peace must be move is placed on, and the operational Power Pack.

It is designed like a LEGO*: you choose a PowerPack, a powered steering skates, and rear moving rollers (fixed or steerable).

The whole becomes a ‘system’ that can be implemented at any time by simply upgrading one of the 3 components to increase performance and capacity.

*LEGO® is a trademark of The Lego Group

machine skates

Because power matters

Machinery Moving Skates

Classic machinery dollies with very low power (300-500 watts) and very hard rollers can move a heavy equipment only on a flat, smooth floor.

Machinery Moving Skates

If the floor is not smooth, but has obstacles of any kind – the power required to perform the same handling increases several fold.

Machinery Moving Skates

When you face a ramp or slope, the power required to overcome this obstacle increases exponentially.

For this reason, we have developed a hydraulic traction system, which helps overcome all classic obstacles and slopes in total safety, both for the transported machinery and for the operator.

Apollo’s PowerPacks guarantee many times more pulling power than any similar equipment, as well as autonomy for a whole working day.

The time has come to replace your old moving rollers or industrial skates! With Apollo Moving Skates you only need one person to move and positioning your heavy machinery without the need for forklift.

roller skids heavy machine movers

Hydraulic traction with the highly efficient motor-pump systems


High power to overtake obstacles and slopes up to 5 percent


100% remote control by radio remote control with joystick


Proportional movements with potentiometric speed adjustment


Unified quick couplings for quick change of the FST self-propelled trolley


FST powered steering moving skates

machine skates

Loading height of 150 and 160 mm – the smallest and shallow in our business

roller skid

Non marking heavy duty wheels with “PRO-GRIP” polymer. Full traction on all wheels

machinery rollers

Support plate with threaded holes to secure the load

machine skates

Radius of rotation around its own axis for working in confined spaces

heavy duty skates for moving equipment

Frame with generous angle of attack and exit to tackle slopes or descents

Rear rollers

moving rollers

Mouvers rear moving rollers are among the smallest and lowest in the market with a height of only 150 and 160 mm.

Machinery Moving Skates

The tilting system helps distribute the weight evenly over all wheels regardless of steps and various obstacles.

heavy duty machinery skates

Durable ‘PRO-LOAD’ elastic polymer non-marking wheels mounted on roller bearings for durability and smooth drive.

machinery rollers Apollo

The support plate with threaded holes allows easy and fast load securing for maximum safety while working.


TwinSet FST side by side connection

twinset Mouvers

RTS rear steering rollers

rts Mouvers

12 ton Electric Pallet jack

transpallet Mouvers

Apollo Industry

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Apollo is a machine with hydraulic traction to move loads up to 75,000 kg easily, quickly and safely

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